Rug Cleaning

Rugs are a fantastic decorative piece for any home. They can completely change the mood and look of an area with very minimal effort. Not only are they extremely affordable, there are potentially endless styles and colour to pick from. This means the sky is the limit when it comes to your interior design.

Just like carpets, they need to be regularly looked after and maintained to keep their appeal. Bacteria and allergens are known to grow inside your rugs if they aren’t properly cleaned. This can leave you at risk to an illness if not correctly dealt with which is why it’s essential to hire a professional cleaner to treat them. In addition to the health concerns, not properly looking after your rug decreases its life span. This can result in more money out of your pocket from having to go and purchase a new one.

Most people think vacuuming alone is enough. This is a common misconception as a vacuum alone does not properly clean the area. Our team has all the tools and knowledge behind us to provide a compressive rug cleaning service. Why go through the struggle of doing these tasks yourself? Our team makes this experience quick and easy with zero work from you required.

If you are interested in our rug cleaning service, you can give carpet cleaning Townsville a call today or fill out one of our free instant quotes. Our team provides a top quality service to every single one of our clients. Each job is carried out to the highest standard, this is why our customers keep coming back again and again.

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