Upholstery Cleaning

Your furniture goes through a lot. It’s there for the dinner parties, the games nights and even the kid’s sleepovers in the loungeroom. You can try your best to prevent anything from happening to them but eventually something does. Whether that’s a wine stain from a crazy night or maybe a coffee stain from when the dog got a bit excited and spilt it all over you and your lounge. Just one mark can potential ruin the whole look of an item.

Some people try their best to find home remedies to remove these all on their own. This is where they can make the area they are trying to fix even worse as they rub in different chemicals that aren’t good for the overall health of the material. This also doesn’t get rid of all the bacteria and dust particles that you can’t see.

Here at upholstery Townsville, we have proven methods and techniques that we use to provide a detailed upholstery service. The products we use are extremely effective and remove marks and stains without harming the surface area. Doing a deep cleans ensures we are cleaning everything so you know the whole piece is clean from top to bottom.  

Don’t make the mistake of doing this yourself! Our team of professionals are more than qualified to perform a great service we know you’ll love. If you’re interested in prices or you’d like to learn more, you can give us a call or fill out one of our free instant quotes.

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